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  • 2hours
  • 中文|English
¥80.00 /people

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As a Yogo teacher, Amy love drinking tea, love food and cat. Her life is so colorful and sunny, but the yogo make her quiet and focus. she has learned yogo for four years, and keep training nearly everyday. she learns different genres of yoga to get some apocalypse, and improve herself in yogo. Her yogo class is very distinctive, and she will pay attention to the detail of your action. everytime her class will make you sweat a lot, whilst fully mobilize the inner energy of your body.and she is focus on the flow yogo, and really good at it. flow yogo need more energy and belief to complete every difficult action. Amy believe that only try your best and keep on exercising, you could approach to the truth of your life. and she has found her original heart in the yogo now.

Experience content

Yogo, is a really maigcal exercise way. it will make your tired body and mind be completely relaxed. and it will also empty your soul between exhalation and inhalation. You will be more health and comfortable if you insist on practising yoga for long term.

This yoga experience include: basica yoga, meditation, and the precautions in daily practice.

extra experience: chinese kong-fu tea, incense experience and so forth.

if you want to join this experience, please schedule an appointment with us at least two days in advance.