QUINTESSENCE`chinses Zither fist experience--take you to the world of chinse classic music

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  • 2hours
  • 中文|English
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There's a lot of trivial things in your daily life.

So sometimes we want to find a peaceful place,

to empty our body and mind.


A buddha incense, a cup of tea, a book, a chinese zither,

smelling the incense and meditation,

to make your mind peaceful.

drinking a tea,

feeling calm.

reading a favorite book,

touch the authere's thoughts.

playing the zither,

you will see most colorful world.

plucking the strings slowly,

the voice is like the mountain spring flowing.

it's like we have been back to thousand years ago,

to listen to the chinese classic music,

what kind of enjoyment is this?





The chinese Zither

also named Han Zither, Qin Zither

It has been widely circulated during the Chinese Warring States Period.

Especially in Dynasty Qin, chinse Zither was really popular.

Chinse Zither has lasted for two thousands years.

it is one of the oldest plucked instruments

Chinse Zither is made by redwood.

and it is empty in the middle, just like guitar, but Zither has more strings.

At first time, zither has 25 strings, but in the Song Dynasty, just had 13 strings, and now it increase to 21 strings.

how could the Zither could emit sounds of differet scales?

cause of the pillar in the Zither makes its strings different  lengths.

though the Zither has changed every dynasty, but still spread a lot of delicious classic Zither's music to today.




丨Chinses Zither, Clank Clank

丨every sound is calling for life

The sound of Zither is really special, it could make you feel calm  and could help meditation.

if a Zither is a man, it must be a pretty girl, vibrant and extremely tension. you could hear the rhythm of life and the agitation of emotions.

we could always see that the bueatiful girl plays the Zither in chinese movies. The melodious zither sound is like a forest breeze, and a bird sing a song.

it is so intoxicating, taking your thoughts to distance.

there's no beautiful view could like this.




丨Chinese Zither, the first evperience

丨Take you to the world of chinese classic music

Experience content:

1. the history about chinese Zither

2. the structure of chinese Zither

3. how to play the chinses Zither

4. Zither music appreciating

5. Zither playing

6. things to pay attention to the daily learning.

the other experience: chinese tea or buddha incense.

sharing people:Lucy

Lucy is a lovely lady who loves life, treats people sincerely, that you will like her at the first meeting. lucy said that when the first listening to the sound of Zither, she fall in love with this kind of musical instrument. the voice of Zither make her like she is strolling through the forest and could even hear the sound of mountain spring flowing. lucy is a persevering person, she practice playing the Zither for hours every day. And now just three years, lucy could be a sharing teacher that she will teach u how to play the Zither. Also she is eager to tell you everything she has experienced in the period of her Zither learning. 

if you want to join this experience, please contact us at least two days in advance.