Sidihome has been focused on exploring the business travel market for many years, and now we have deep cooperation with many well-known companies. We continuously improve the way of cooperation with customers, optimization process. We will provide the new business travel procurement model, this could make the cooperation easier, and could provide both long and short term. You could also pay monthly, daily or yearly. Your staff could leave for one day in minimal. The most important, you could order for your group, sidihome could provide space for over 100 persons. Every year the university of Sydney will order over 50 apartments for their intern students.


We could provide the following service for you :

1 we could help the foreigner people registration in the local police station;

2 you could order for your group,sidihome could provide rooms for over 100 persons;

3 we will cooperate with you as a company not private;

4 Contrast hotel, sidihome is more like homestay, and will be more comfortable than hotel, we provide washing machine and kitchen. Your staff could own a better living environment.

5 there’s professional housekeeper service for your staff.

6 there is high-speed wifi in every room.

7 sidihome could provide pick-up and drop-off service.

8 sidihome will puch many local experience activities, enrich the local life of your staff.

9 we will arrange everything for check-in and check-out, so the company don’t need send some one accompany.

10 we provide package storage service and collection parcel service.



Sidihome apartments are all located beside the subway or bus stops around, so don’t need to worry about the traffic. Now you could order for your group now, if you have this need, please contact with us, just need to leave some information of yours, we will touch with you. We hope could help every purchasing manager to solve your problems.

Group Order case one:

new element catering group

Date: year 2011

address: sidihome service apartment (saintland shop)

Demand: the accommodation demand of new employee training.

Group: about 40 persons

Units: 20 apartments

Group Order case two:

Schering-Plough (Shanghai) Trading Co., Ltd.

Date: year 2014

address: sidihome service apartment (saintland shop)

Demand: provide accommodation for staff training

Group: about 30 persons

Units: 15 apartments

Group Order case 三:

The university of Sydney business college

Date: year 2016~2018

address: sidihome service apartment (saintland shop)

Demand: provide accommodation for students' internship

Group: about 50 persons

Units: 25 apartments

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