TIME-LIMITED EXPERIENCE- The story about TaiJi and the french lady

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Taijiquan is one of the Chinese Traditional martial arts. Initially, it functioned as a unique and profound self-defense technique. As an ancient Kongfu, Taiji includes quan, sword, broadsword, spear, push-hand, etc. Especially the push-hand is well known for its tactic and technique, the powerful and aggressive opponent being defeated by a small clever attack or an abrupt explosive power. As an typical artful Chinese Kongfu, hand push has been highly popular with the small and weak people.
7aec4d5d3c5045d1b2c775a92a68c756.jpgWith the cold-weapon-age fading out, the health-care function of Taiji is increasingly gaining the importance, instead of its former role. According to the scientific research, it can improve our immune system, central nervous system, and strengthen the fitness. Because Taijiquan is a practice with a perfect combination of physical movement, deep breath and meditation. Through long years practice, many chronic diseases can be effectively cured or relieved such as neurasthenia, insomnia, neurosis, high blood pressure, stomach and intestines disease, kidney disease, arthritics, diabetes, hypochondria and even the obesity etc. So it clearly illustrates the value of Taijiquan in therapy and disease prevention.
MTQ2MDI4ODY1OTM1OC0xODExOTE0NjE2.jpgNo matter you are young or aged, male or female, no matter strong or weak, slim or plump, you all can choose Taijiquan as your ideal physical exercise. When practicing it quietly and slowly, you can sense the existing of air and fully enjoy the aerobic bath, meanwhile you can also feel all the movements like the rhythmically uninterrupted waves. Taiji--- the world of Yin and Yang, the world of the nature and relaxation, will become your a whole-new life style in the new millennium.   


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doriane is really a friendly and elegant french lady. She has been china for moren than ten years to  learn TaiJi Quan. As she siad, it is a big change in her life after learning TaiJiQuan. This amazing kongfu makes her to pay more attention on her mind, and she becomes more and more peaceful and calm. Now we have met this cut french lady again. if u want to know how a foreigner fight kinds of problems to learn chinese kongfu, please join this experience.

experience content:

  1. The story between doriane and TaiJiQuan

  2. The experience of TaiJi action

  3. How to learn TaiJiQuan in your daily time.

Cause doriane just stay here until 3rd march, you could only join this experience between 20th march to 1st april. if you want to join this experience, please contact us at least two days in advance.

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